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Lavacqua Volcanic Water - Final Rinse

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Lavacqua Volcanic Water - Final Rinse


Lavacqua Volcanic Water - Final Rinse


Lavacqua takes advantage of the unique mineral contents of certain waters collected from volcanic areas. Water that flows through the Earth in these areas accumulates precious minerals that enhance its properties. For cosmetic use, and specifically for the treatment of hair, minerals such as iron, selenium, copper and zinc add shine, brilliance and pliability to hair. These minerals are the foundation of the Lavacqua Volcanic Water Final Rinse formula and combat the damaging effects of everyday washing with regular tap water, containing chlorine and calcium, that subjects hair to impurities and chemicals that dull color and reduce pliancy. Lavacqua also contains thyme, coltsfoot, yarrow, birch bark, horsetail, nettle, rosemary, peppermint, honey and vinegar to manage overall scalp and hair health, promote hair strength, stimulate hair follicles and naturally soften and condition hair. 

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